Boys Catechism 2 (8-9)

Course Syllabus & Required Books/Materials

Course description (year A): The children will learn about the Church, her marks and her hierarchical nature.  In the context of the life of the Church, they will study the Sacraments.  In the second half of the year, they will learn about the spiritual life, that is, the life of prayer, especially as it is nourished by the Sacramental life, but also as it is nourished by devotions and by personal prayer.

General Assessment Strategies:

Materials Required: The Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism, n. 2

Tutor: Mother Maria Regina (boys)

Mother Maria Regina is the mother superior of the Labor Mariae Sisters, who were founded in June of 2017.  As a religious Sister, Mother has taught catechesis to children and has taught high school and college students.