Creative Catechism Girls (6-7)

Course Syllabus & Required Books/Materials

This interactive, hands-on course goes along with and supports the Catechism 1 syllabus, helping to reinforce the material being presented by Sister in Cat 1. In class we will work to integrate and assist the children in better retaining information learned through doing creative, hands-on projects. In particular, we will continue the rotation which was begun 2 years ago, so this year (2019-2020) we will once again be studying the Old Testament. 6-7 year old students will be completing their very own book of Old Testament figures! We may also play games, make posters, have a treat, quiz on the Baltimore Catechism, or do some other liturgical or coordinating activities. By the end of the year students will have their very own “Story of the Bible” book, a keepsake, showing all that they have learned of the Old Testament this year!

Parents will be required to purchase cardstock and a 3-ring binder as it gets closer to class time. It is preferable that you wait for specifications on type and size coming in an email to you personally. No book is required and no homework for these 6-7 year old kids will be given for this course.    

Cost: $75 / year long course

Supplies are included (except a 3-ring binder and cardstock will need to be purchased by parent)

Tutor: Mrs. Mara Poole (Mrs.Sofia Dean for second hour 6-7 year old girls)

Biography: Born in Minnesota, I grew up the daughter of an art teacher, and thus began my love of creating and teaching combined. With gratitude to God and His great gift of Faith which He most generously gave me, I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in Catholic Studies and Philosophy. Over the years I have worked as a summer camp counselor, an activities director for inner city youth, a director of senior high youth ministry, a free-lance journalist (the Rome Correspondent for a Catholic publication), and for 8 years I took the calls on a pro-life after hours hotline (fielding crisis abortion calls), and then also for several years did weekly sidewalk counseling outside abortion clinics in Minneapolis. I have taught English in Italy, as well as directed a co-op drama class, taught as a co-op elementary Latin teacher, and coordinated and carried out 7 Nun Runs!

Some of my favorite memories include the 4 years my husband and I (and our son for 3 of those years) lived in Rome after we were first married, and I especially treasure my volunteer time spent in Mother Teresa’s cause office in Rome the year before her beatification. My experiences in Rome have deeply impacted and shaped who I am today. It is also in Rome that my husband and I first met the Fraternity and began to fall in love with the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

My husband and I have seven children (ages 21 down to 3), four of whom are adopted. Currently we homeschool 5 children with one wiley 3 year old in the mix! We are going on 6 blessed years with All Saints Co-op, having joined the parish right away when the FSSP first came to Minneapolis – DEO GRATIAS! After working together with the FSSP Fathers and others to develop All Saints Co-op, I began teaching 2 years ago. I love teaching Creative Catechism and am happy to be doing so again this coming year! Bringing the love of Our Holy Catholic faith to the children in a hands-on way, living and true, is a great joy for me! Our family loves the co-op and we are grateful to the Fathers and the Sisters for their special role in our children’s lives.

If you asked me a question about the golden key to life, I would say PRAYER and CHARITY! Without either of these I would cease to exist. To love God and be loved by Him… There is no greater gift!!!