Creative Writing & Persuasive Communication (12-13)

7th & 8th : Creative Writing and Persuasive Communication

Course Syllabus & Required Books/Materials

Throughout this course, creative expression is celebrated and encouraged.  This course applies the student’s knowledge of language structure and conventions to develop skills in creative writing.  The richly creative imagination of each student will be nurtured through stimulating activities which include hands-on play with slime, face painting, charades, and impromptu role-playing.  They will be introduced to techniques and principles of creative writing with particular focus on expanding and refining vocabulary, grammar and voice, as well as process improvement and revision while maintaining creativity.  This course will introduce fundamental research skills and MLA formats for bibliographies and documentation through mini-research projects that will lead into presentations with a special emphasis on persuasion. The students will study persuasive techniques for public speaking and these techniques will foster a development of effective argumentation through the presentation of original speeches.  

Assessment: Alternate Formative assessment to evaluate progress and Presentation & Composition Summative assessments to evaluate achievement.

Cost: $200 (All materials included.)


Kimberly Okvist is a published author and motivated instructor with a profound devotion to educating young minds.  After completing an intensive workshop on English Writing and Communication at Rhodes College, Mrs. Okvist went on to receive her BA in English from The University of Oklahoma with an emphasis on classics and technical writing.  She furthered her academic writing career as an editor for the American Indian Law Review and advanced her professional communication skills through her study of law and debate. Mrs. Okvist received her Juris Doctor from the University of Oklahoma College of Law with specialty in Education Law and certification in Federal Indian Law.  After working in the legal field for some time, Mrs. Okvist was hired as an Associate Professor at St. Gregory’s University. She primarily taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in English Grammar, Professional Communication, and Business Law. Mrs. Okvist also taught Latin I, Latin II, Catholicism I and Catholicism III at Mount St. Mary’s High School.  Mrs. Okvist co-authored the book Reading and Language Development (2005) and some of her compositions include: A Figurative Voyage: A Reflection of Socio-Economic Hierarchy as Narrated in The Pilgrim’s Progress, Gulliver’s Travels, and The Canterbury Tales (2003); A Disabled Student’s Constitutional Right to Home-School (2006); Alternative Dispute Resolutions among Indigenous Tribes of Australia, United States and Canada (2007); “Walt Whitman: From Transcendentalist to Patriotic Poet” (2003); “What is Life? The Human Genome Project” (2002).

Allen and Kimberly Okvist have 6 children and have been FSSP parishioners for over 10 years.  Mrs. Okvist is an avid supporter of homeschooling and she has experienced the journey of homeschooling with several of her children.  The Okvists moved to Minnesota a few years ago and are adjusting to life here in the north. Mrs. Okvist is the Latin teacher at Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori School.