High School History (16+)

American Government 

Course Syllabus & Required Books/Materials

Cost: $200 plus the cost of the texts

In American Government students will study the principles put forth in our founding documents: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  To gain further understanding of what shaped those documents and our government students will read primary sources such as: Federalist Papers, Gettysburg Address, Aristotle, Democracy in America and many others contained in a Book of Readings for the course.   We will also look into the life of the great statesmen, Charles Carroll, the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence, and his impact on the foundation of our country. Throughout the course we will study how we as Catholics are to live as responsible citizens.  Students will be expected to do homework, memorize selections and participate in class discussions or presentations.


Declaration Statesmanship: Student Text

Declaration Statesmanship Book of Readings



Grade Weight

Homework and Participation 20% 

Quizzes 40% 

Papers/Presentation 15% 

Tests 25%


My name is Ann Marie McCoy. I have been married to my loving and dedicated husband, Jim, for 23 years, we
have been blessed with 7 children ranging from 3-22. I grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I met my husband at
Christendom College in Virginia where we both graduated with a B.A. in History. Following college I taught for
a year at Holy Family Academy, before my oldest child arrived. We moved to Minnesota in 1999 to be near
family. I am dedicated to my Catholic Faith, family and education. “My grace is sufficient for you,”
(2 Corinthians 12:9) has guided through my homeschooling journey for 16 years. I have just finished my second
year with All Saints Homeschool Coop. It has been a blessing to have this opportunity to share my love of
History with the students and to have the support and friendship of fellow homeschoolers. Over the years I
have participated in various co-ops leading and teaching History, Literature and Catechism. The study of history is very important to me. Dr. Warren H. Carroll, founder of Christendom College, taught: “Truth exists and the Incarnation happened.” It is in studying our past that we can better live in our present age.