High School Physics

Course Syllabus & Required Books/Materials

Class description:

This is a high school level physics class.  It will require a lot of hard work and self-directed study, possibly up to an hour a day.  The course is designed so that even if the student gets a “C” in the class, they will be adequately prepared for any entry level college physics class, calculus or algebra based.

This is an algebra based class, not a calculus based class, which is normal for high school physics.  There are two algebra based AP exams that students could potentially take after taking this class. They could fill requirements for biology or medicinal majors, depending on the college.

We will cover all the topics in the Apologia physics text, including one and two dimensional motion, magnetism, electricity, optics, and much more.  Class time will be used mainly fir students’ questions and lab work. Tests will be administered at home and textbook readings, problems, and lab prep will be assigned as homework.  

I will also be offering an online component which will consist of an additional hour a week of “class time” via Skype or a similar method.  How this will work and what this time will be used for will be determined after assessing the needs of the particular students, in collaboration with the parents.


The physics students will be assessed by the following means:

Short chapter tests

Laboratory preparation

Class and lab participation

Final exam


The cost is $300 per student for the Friday class and an additional hour a week of help over Skype or other similar method.  Plus an additional $15 lab supply fee.

(this does not include reusable lab material costs and my technology costs)

Required materials:

Exploring Creation with Physics by Dr. J. Wile (2nd ed.) student text and test booklet

2 notebooks

Calculator (it needs to have sine and cosine functions, I would recommend the TI-84)


Proficiency in algebra I

Familiarity with using trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, and tangent) would be very helpful but it is not required as I will be briefly teaching it in class

Note: calculus is not required

Bio for Maya Riese:
Maya Riese was born and raised in Crystal Minnesota with her 9 siblings. She was homeschooled all the
way through high school and then earned a BA in biology with a minor in Catholic Studies at the
University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. After graduating college Maya taught math and chemistry for a year
at Chesterton Academy, got married, and had a little boy. Last year she taught chemistry at the All
Saints Co-op and cared for her little one at home. Her favorite saint quote is from Mother Theresa of
Calcutta and relates to her life as a wife, mother, and homemaker. Mother Theresa said, “If you want to
change the world, go home and love your family.” Teaching at the co-op has allowed her to continue
pursuing her love of helping others come to a better understanding and greater awe of God’s creation
through teaching science without compromising her vocation of being a stay-at-home- Mom. This year
she hopes that her physics students will grow in childlike wonder in the order which God created in the
universe as well as become prepared for a future of studying science, medicine, or engineering if God so
calls them.