Life Skills (10-11)

Life Skills

Coordinator/Teacher: Mrs. Rosanne Freitag 

Cost: $50

This hands-on elective class will give children experience in a wide variety of skills that will benefit them in their daily life, and they will have fun at the same time.

We will have a variety of teachers for this class who will each focus on a skill area for 1-6 weeks at a time. These skills include sewing, wood construction, art, cooking, sports, dancing and more!! Sewing on a button, using a hammer, learning different drawing techniques, using measuring spoons and following a recipe-who wouldn’t benefit from knowing or perfecting these skills? Just as St. Terese taught by her example, we too can use our small everyday tasks and even our fun activities to glorify God. The children will be bringing home a variety of projects from these classes and learning skills that will hopefully help them to become more confident in exploring new interests and/or expanding on current areas of interest.

Instructor: Mrs. Rosanne Freitag Student Max: 20 Ages: 4-5 Cost: $25/year


I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Gibbon, MN and graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education. My husband Ryan and I have 5 children (ages 10-20). Ryan is the mechanic for the trucking company that he coowns with his brother, and I homeschool our 3 youngest children. On our hobby farm in rural Hector, MN where we have lived for the past 20 years, we make maple syrup, have a large garden and raise chickens and turkeys. I enjoy playing piano, singing in the church choir.; Working in the garden, reading, and learning more about essential oils and traditional ways of preparing nutritious food.

I have taught preschool at the co-op for 2 years, kindergarten for 1 year and have also coordinated/taught the Life Skills class for 2 years. In preschool and kindergarten we are laying the foundation to help achieve our co-op’s goal of assisting Christ in making disciples of all nations by increasing their knowledge of basic bible stories, teaching simple prayers and discussing our faith. In Life Skills we are also helping to achieve this goal by learning and perfecting life skills that will glorify God, and hopefully our good example of serving God and sharing our talents and skills will influence others to also become faithful servants of Our Lord. I am grateful for all the blessings our family has received through our 5 years of involvement in the All Saints co-op, and I hope I can give something back by teaching. One of my favorite saint quotes is from Saint Teresa of Calcutta, “The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is-service. The fruit of service is peace.”