Middle School History (12-13)

Course Description

This class will be an interactive and exciting journey through our great country’s history.  We will explore the origins of our country beginning with the Colonies all the way to post-Cold War America.  Along the way, we will see the unique and influential role that the Church and many of her Saints, bishops, and priests, have had on the American experience.


Tutor Bio

Originally from Omaha, NE, our family moved to Blaine in 2018.  My husband Daniel and I are grateful for the experience our family has had at the All Saints Co-op.  Teaching is my passion and I am always excited about opportunities to teach in a classroom setting. I have a degree in Secondary Education and Government/International Affairs.  I taught in Catholic high schools in Omaha for 9 years, mainly teaching History, American Government, and Theology. I left full time teaching in order to become a full-time teacher for my own family.  I am also the Director of a homeschool program called Catholic Schoolhouse. I truly believe that teaching history in our co-op will assist Christ in making disciples of all nations because our children need an excellent understanding of the true history of our country in order to stand strong against the cultural and political decline of our times.  Students equipped with knowledge, truth, and reason will be able to recognize and demand true justice and liberty as adults.



Weekly quizzes

Quarterly tests




Cost: $75 plus $5 printing fee



Required textbook: From Sea To Shining Sea: The Story of America (www.catholictextbookproject.com)

Tutor will provide printed workbook pages.