Middle School Science (12-13)

Our Physical Science class provides students with an in-depth, conceptual understanding of physical science, ecology, and astronomy while communicating the richness and order of God’s creation and reflecting on the proper use of scientific knowledge for the glory of God.
Firmly grounded in the belief that faith and reason are inseparable, the Behold and See science series has been written to teach up-to-date scientific knowledge within the context of our Catholic faith.

The text features an engaging, conversational style; a lavishly-illustrated, full-color interior; and hands-on experiments that actually work. Straight-forward explanations help students to master concepts as simply and easily as possible, while the hands-on approach allows students to actually do science instead of just reading about it. This class aims to succeed in teaching conceptually advanced material in a way that grabs students’ interest.

 Tutor: Sr. Joanna Marie

Cost: Not to exceed $100 for the year – to be determined soon
Materials Required: Behold and See Series from Catholic Heritage Curricula – click HERE