All Saints Homeschool Co-op is a mission of the Church of All Saints, which provides families with a foundation of faith, prayer, education, community, and support. This is fostered through the courses offered, as well as the opportunities it provides for Mass, the sacraments, and friendship in Christ.
The co-op seeks to educate our students (ages 3-18) in Traditional Catholic precepts by faithfully adhering to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. At All Saints Co-op, all our catechism classes are taught by priests or sisters! In addition, the priests also offer a variety of high school courses such as in-depth looks at the Liturgy, Church History, and a wide-array of Apologetics.
We are grateful for the guidance, structure, support and teaching offered our co-op from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter here in Minneapolis. The Co-op has always operated with two core classes in mind – Catechism and Choir.  Catechism helps us grow in knowledge of God, Choir helps us use our voices to worship Him.  Additionally, the Co-op takes seriously the goal of producing strong communicators, both by word and by writing.  Besides being a valuable skill in the working world, it is also essential in the act of bringing Christ to the world!  By use of these and the other course offerings, the Co-op seeks to enrich the lives of homeschoolers, and of the parish as a whole. Other educational and elective courses offer challenge and assistance to home educators, while uniting our community through the many different aspects of the co-op and parish life. As we assist families in providing a high quality, solid, well-thought-out Catholic Education, at affordable rates, our children learn the Faith, implementing it interiorly and becoming shining lights for Christ in the world.
May God bless you!